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  • Press release: Senator Craig Estes Saddened by Passing of Ray Farabee

    Estes extends condolences to family and friends of the former Wichita Falls State Senator Former State Senator Ray Farabee passed away yesterday at the age of 81. Senator Farabee represented District 30, which included Wichita Falls, in the Texas Senate from the 64th Legislature through the 70th Legislature before retiring in 1988 to become Vice […]Read More »
  • Texas’ business tax (aka the Margin Tax) should be repealed

    The margin tax should be repealed because while it was supposed to be equitable, broad-based, easily understood, and economically competitive, it has become inequitable, confusing, and has proven to be expensive for businesses to comply with. The margin tax has been called “one of the most destructive taxes on corporate and small businesses in the […]Read More »

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