Press release: Governor Abbott Signs Open Carry Legislation

June 13, 2015

House Bill 910 is Approved by Governor Abbott

Austin – Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 910 into law on Saturday, which will allow licensed open carry of holstered modern handguns in Texas.

“It has been very exciting to work on this important legislation, and I am thrilled to see it signed into law today,” Senator Estes said. “Passing licensed open carry was one of my top priorities, and I truly believe it will benefit all Texans. I’m very grateful for the overwhelming support I received from my colleagues, as well as Lt. Governor Patrick and Governor Abbott.”

The new license to carry created by this bill will replace the existing concealed handgun license. Applicants will have to meet the same requirements that they currently do to get a concealed handgun license. Those who already have concealed handgun licenses will not have to re-apply; their licenses will automatically allow open carry after the effective date of the bill.

Senator Estes continued, “Our state legislature has not made such a substantial change to our gun policy in more than 20 years when former Senator Jerry Patterson passed licensed concealed carry. I am very pleased that we were able to update our antiquated carry laws this session to bring Texas into conformity with the rest of the country.”