Press release: Senator Estes Endorses Ted Cruz for President

February 4, 2016

Austin – Senator Estes released the following statement on Thursday regarding his endorsement of Ted Cruz for president. “We are quickly approaching a truly historic presidential election that will have a tremendous impact on the future of our nation. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we elect a leader with a proven conservative […]

Press release: Governor Abbott Signs Open Carry Legislation

June 13, 2015

House Bill 910 is Approved by Governor Abbott Austin – Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 910 into law on Saturday, which will allow licensed open carry of holstered modern handguns in Texas. “It has been very exciting to work on this important legislation, and I am thrilled to see it signed into law today,” […]

Press release: Governor Abbott Signs Pastor Protection Bill

June 11, 2015

Austin – Governor Abbott signed Senate Bill 2065 on Thursday. This bill, authored by Senator Craig Estes, clarifies that clergy members are not required to perform marriages that would violate their religious beliefs. “I am thrilled today to see this legislation signed into law,” Senator Estes said. “This is crucial for Texas pastors to ensure […]

Press Release: Governor Abbott Signs State Parks Funding Bill

June 8, 2015

Legislators Approve Dedicated Funding to State Parks Austin – Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 158 into law on Monday. This bill will dedicate future appropriations of the sporting goods sales tax exclusively for state and local parks and historical sites. “I was very proud to sponsor this legislation in the Senate, and it was […]

Governor Abbott Signs House Bill 505

May 25, 2015

Texas Legislature Removes Limitations on Dual Credit Courses Austin – Governor Abbott officially signed House Bill 505 into law on Saturday. This bill, sponsored by Senator Estes, will remove the limitation on the number of dual credit hours for public school students. “I believe our high school students should be able to enroll in as […]

Press release: Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association Awards Senator Estes

March 11, 2015

Austin – Senator Craig Estes received the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association’s Frank Madla Award at the capitol on Tuesday. This award recognizes diligent and altruistic commitment to furthering the Texas wine and grape industry through the legislature and government agencies. “I was honored to receive the Frank Madla Award from the Texas Wine […]

Press release: Senator Estes Files Electronic Privacy Legislation

March 4, 2015

Senate Bill 942 Would Recognize that a Citizen’s Location Information is Private Austin – Senator Craig Estes filed Senate Bill 942 on Wednesday to formally recognize that a citizen’s location information is private, and it should be treated as such by the law and protected from warrantless search and seizure. “It is critical that we […]

Press release: Transportation Committee Approves Evans Memorial Highway

March 4, 2015

Austin – The Senate Transportation Committee voted in favor of Senate Bill 288 on Wednesday. This bill, authored by Senator Craig Estes, would designate a portion of State Highway 16 as the Texas Game Warden Joseph Marshall Evans Memorial Highway. “Game Warden Evans was a dedicated public servant for many years in Texas. His expertise […]

Press release: Senate Bill 105 Would Eliminate the Margin Tax

February 27, 2015

Austin – Senate Bill 105, authored by Senator Craig Estes, has been scheduled for a public hearing before the Senate Committee on Finance next week. If passed, this bill would eliminate the margin tax in Texas. “I am thrilled that SB 105 is moving quickly through the legislative process, and I am looking forward to […]

Press release: Public Hearing on Open Carry

February 12, 2015

Open Carry Legislation Passes Favorably Out of State Affairs Committee Austin – Senate Bill 17, authored by Senator Craig Estes, was passed out of the State Affairs Committee on Thursday. If passed through the Senate and House Chambers, this bill would authorize open carry of modern handguns in Texas by anyone with a license, so […]