Craig on the Issues

image (1)Conservative Leadership

  • Unanimously elected President Pro Tempore of the (83rd) Interim Session of the Texas Senate
  • Chairman of Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Economic Development
  • Member, Senate Committee on Business and Commerce, State Affairs and Nominations
  • Member, Texas State Senate Republican Caucus
  • Member, Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute
  • Appointed by Governor Perry to serve on Western States Water Council
  • Named “Fighter for Free Enterprise” by the Texas Association of Business


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When it comes to balancing the needs of government and protecting our personal liberties, please rest assured that I will always choose to protect our personal liberties. Whether its excessive taxation, illegal immigration, or protecting the Second Amendment – my goal will be to protect and preserve your rights. There is a reason we have a constitution, and for those in government it should be required reading.

  • Authored and passed new homeowner and property owner protections
  • Passed voter Photo ID bill
  • Passed balanced state budget with NO new taxes
  • Passed resolution calling for a federal balanced budget amendment
  • Restored local control to public education
  • Passed pro-life “sonogram” bill
  • Passed “Loser Pays” tort reform
  • Passed requirement to show proof of citizenship to obtain a Texas Drivers License
  • Passed stronger border security measures
  • Passed 2nd Amendment gun owner rights protections
  • Passed a resolution reaffirming States’ rights
  • Helped protect public safety with first-in-the-nation “fracking” chemical disclosure bill
  • Passed senior citizen property tax rate reduction
  • Strongly Opposes Amnesty
  • Strongly Opposes Obamacare